Bevel Edge scissor sharpening


The sharpening of any dog grooming scissors with a bevel edge, this includes all design styles in right and left handed. All scissors will be expertly sharpened on a flat hone machine to remove as little material as possible but maintaining the correct angle of the blade. Price includes stripping down, cleaning, sharpening, oiling and  testing. We test on three different mediums before being returned to the customer. If the blade is designed to have a micro serrated edge and is missing we will reapply the micro serrated edge, this is included in the price.

If you have had the serrated edge removed on purpose, please let us know that this is how you would like the scissor to remain.

In the case of a scissor being received where it has been incorrectly sharpened before, we will endeavour to return the scissor to its correct angle but in some cases it not possible due to economics or lack of workable material, in these cases we will contact the customer and discuss the options available.


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